Moon lab pursues development of novel therapeutics for breast, ovary, and prostate cancer

Moon lab is a basic and translational research lab, pursuing any contributions to cancer cure.

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CDK4/6 inhibitor resistance overcome
Kamal Pandey
Post Doc
NK therapy, Combination immunotherapy, humanized m…
Nahee Park, PhD / 박나희
Postdoctoral scientist
CDK4/6 inhibitor resistant mechanism, Development …
Seul Gi Kim/ 김슬기
NK therapy, PDTX
Young-Bin Cho, MS / 조영빈
Postmaster scientist
Combination therapy about PARP inhibitor resistanc…
Minsil Kang, 강민실
Research professor
Resistance of CDK4/6 inhibitor
Kamal Pandey, MS
Postdoctoral scientist
Enhancing effect of immunotherapy
Nar Bahadur Katwal, MS
PhD candidate
ATR inhibitor combination
Jin Hur, MS / 허 진
MS candidate
PARP inhibitor resistance, NK cell combination the…
Mithun Ghosh, MS
PhD candidate
NK therapy, PARP inhibitor resistant combination t…
Sadeok Hong, BS / 홍사덕
MS/PhD integrated
Endometrial Cancer Drug Development
Yeong Gyu Jeong, BS / 정영규
MS candidate
Humanized mice model
Seongmin Park, BS / 박성민
MS candidate
Prognosis of HER2 low breast cancer
Jihhyeon Yi
CHA University Graduate School of Medicine
Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of resistance …
Jun Hee Sung / 성준희
CHA University Graduate School of Medicine
Cancer animal model
Jong Min Jo / 조종민